From Tutorials to Original Games

Chris DeLeon,

From Tutorials to Original Games (formerly G.U.T.S) is a resource prepared to ease your transition from following tutorials to participating on real, original projects. We've seen recurring challenges people run into in breaking free from on-rails guidance into long-term, original, evolving problem solving. We made this booklet, originally available only to members of HomeTeam, to target these issues. This will help you learn to spot your own tasks, chunk big features into actionable steps, and gain confidence with game programming fundamentals.

Note: This material was originally written for use exclusively by members of HomeTeam GameDev, and as such references systems and practices within that community. Though getting his exercise booklet here on Gumroad does not include membership with HomeTeam GameDev, nearly all of the exercises and material can be applied either individually or adapted to work in other collaborative development communities.

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30-page PDF of exercises, including how to find tasks on an active project, how to break a game project into actionable steps, and (with step-by-step example solution code) three practice game coding fundamentals sequences in JS

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