Hands-On Intro to Game Programming in HTML5/JS

Chris DeLeon, HomeTeamGameDev.com

Tried getting into videogame development before but found other resources didn't help? Been dreaming about making your own games, and want a comprehensive way to get started? This book and its source examples will get you creating your own games at home, beginning today. No special software required!

Through creating six different classic game types you'll gain real experience with a range of fundamentals in videogame design and development. Code is in HTML5 JavaScript (canvas, no libraries) and written specifically for people new to game programming.

The first half of the book covers writing the core gameplay for each game type, and includes example source code so you can check your work every step of the way. The second half lays out ordered, detailed exercises of increasing complexity to guide you through reworking the code to expand its functionality and learn more about game development.

If you're not making videogames by 30 days from the date of purchase let me know and I'll issue a full refund. It works, or it's free.

This book and source package is also available as part of the How to Program Games video course. For more information about that package visit https://gumroad.com/l/how-to-program-games

I want this!

500+ page book (in PDF) and related starter game source code for six classic types of videogames. The code is split into many layers that correspond to the book's step-by-step programming instructions.

42.9 MB
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