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GameDevBiz Conference Video


On September 30th, 2017 we held an online conference with 6 speakers focused on the business side of making games. This is to purchase the complete video of that event, including the attendee networking discussion breaks, along with collected speaker slides and the chat log.

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"Full books worth of information distilled in a single conference."

-Renaud Marshall

"Networking, learning and inspiration. Three things every game developer needs at a smack-dabbin good price."


"Lots of great and straight to the point advice."

-F. Eduardo Gargollo

"Whether you are just starting out in gamedev, or are a seasoned veteran, conferences by gamkedo provide a wealth of knowledge from gamedev pros and give ample opportunities to network with colleagues. These events are extremely valuable and you won't want to miss out!"

-Taylor Buchheit

Note: This is for a recording of the event, not a ticket to attend live. The live event has already passed.

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You will get video (.mp4) recorded from the event of talks from the 6 featured industry guest speakers, slides (.pdf) from speakers who used slides, and the event's chat log.

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GameDevBiz Conference Video

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