EnjoyGameDev Conference Video

Chris DeLeon, HomeTeamGameDev.com

On August 5th, 2017 we held an online conference with 8 speakers focused on how to make games sustainably long-term. This is the complete video of that event, including the attendee networking discussion breaks, along with collected speaker slides and the chat logs.

"It helped me to remember what I'm doing in this industry in the first place."

-Damien Crawford

"A great chance to hear from and talk with indies who know their stuff."

-Brook Miles

"A game-changer. Online conferences are paving the way"

-Clayton Tapp of Orb Soundwerx

For more information, or news of upcoming events as it becomes available, visit http://EnjoyGameDev.com

The live event has passed. This is for a recording of the event, not a ticket to attend.

I want this!

You will get video (.mp4) recorded from the event of talks from the 8 featured industry guest speakers, slides (.pdf) from speakers who used slides, and the event's chat log.

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